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Why use the Life Saving Revolution Software?

Ensure Compliance

The many features of this health and safety software will help keep your team safe, ensure legislative compliance and reduce corporate risk.  

Saves You Money

The LSR software will save you money by streamlining your health and safety documentation and processes while reducing your environmental footprint.

Cuts Time on Task

Due to the portability of the LSR software your time commitment in completing monthly inspections and reporting initiatives can be reduced by as much as 50%.  Your health and safety documentation, policies and processes are readily available. 

Multi-Platform Support

The LSR software and app can be used on any platform with internet connection and is fully supported on PC, MAC and both the Apple and Android mobile platforms.

This Software is Packed With Features! Some Include:

First Aid & Health and Safety Equipment Checks

Equipment Organization Made Easy

Easily keeps track of all your health and safety equipment, order supplies when low and ensure compliance with inspection schedules. Built in reminders ensure equipment is maintained and ready.


All Your Documents in One Place

Product manuals, policies, procedures and all other health and safety documentation can be found here. 


Stay Compliant at All Times

Workplace compliance will differ depending on a number of circumstances. Ensure your team is always properly trained to keep your team safe and your company compliant. Recertification reminders are generated to ensure your team maintains required health and safety certifications.

Health and Safety Inspections

Monthly Workplace Inspections

Monthly workplace inspections ensure worker safety and are required by health and safety legislation. Our software allows you the ability to complete inspections including important informations such as using pictures and a hazard levels. No more transcribing hand written notes as the LSR software instantly creates inspection reports to be posted in the workplace.

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