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Would you know what to do if you saw someone collapse from cardiac arrest? The sobering facts tell us:

  • Brain death starts in 4 – 6 minutes from the time of collapse
  • First Responders rarely arrive in time averaging 8 minutes in Ontario
  • Every minute without high quality CPR and rapid defibrillation equals a reduction in survival by 7 – 10%
  • 60,000 Canadians suffer out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest every year
  • Less than 3,000 will survive (5 – 7% survival) sudden cardiac arrest

It’s time to make a change.


Fewer than half of Canadians say they have the skills to help while someone is suffering from cardiac arrest. The bystander effect will kick in and make people believe that someone else will do something. Someone else will call 911. Someone else will provide CPR. Someone else will help save a life.

Sadly, someone else may not arrive.

Time is of the essence and the victim can’t afford to lose precious time. It’s time to take action and be the hero you want to see. It’s time to replace fear and self doubt with confidence and leadership. It’s time to empower the people to make a change. CPR and AED use will provide the aid needed until professional responders can arrive. With more people properly trained and ready to act, more lives can be saved.

Learning CPR and how to use an AED is fast and easy. At canaPHEM you can choose between an all in-class session(s), or do a blended option of online and in-class. Take advantage of CPR month this November and learn how to help save a life.

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