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Medic Services

Event Medic Division

We know it is patient-critical to have first responder medics on-site, reducing the critical access life-saving timeline from 8 minutes to about 90 seconds.
canaPHEM provides onsite Ontario certified Medics for athletic,  commercial, public or private gatherings. We also provide medical coverage for camps and businesses. Our affordable alternative, ensures faster medical response times for spectators, employees and campers, reducing cost and liability.

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Are you looking for medical coverage for a large event? We can provide fully qualified Medics for any commercial, public, or private large gatherings. Examples of events may include:

  • Concerts/music festivals
  • Sporting events (Tournaments, Large spectating events, Races, etc.)
  • Race tracks
  • Religious gatherings
  • School events
  • Fundraisers
  • Amusement Parks
  • Conferences/ Trade shows

Providing medical coverage to the regions from Hamilton to Kingston to North GTA.

We can provide event medical coverage with fully qualified Primary and Advanced care paramedics. All paramedics have completed the requirements to be a fully certified paramedic in Ontario and have undergone rigorous screening and testing processes by canaPHEM. Our medics are certified to practice by our medical director, Dr. Mike McDonnell. Furthermore all canaPHEM medics are kept up to date with skills and knowledge through continuous education and knowledge training.

Primary Care Paramedics (PCP)

PCP’s are the standard for pre-hospital emergency care. They have undergone a two year college diploma program and passed their Ontario Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) examination to be certified to work as a PCP for any EMS service in Ontario. Skills include:

  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • CPR and defibrillation
  • Extrication
  • Oxygen therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Trauma and Medical basic life support
  • Symptom relief medication administration:
    • ASA
    • Nitroglycerin
    • Glucagon
    • Dextrose
    • Epinephrine
    • Diphenhydramine
    • Dimenhydrinate
    • Narcan
    • Salbutamol
    • Ibuprofen
    • Acetaminophen
    • Ketorolac
  • Non- Emergency patient care including taping

Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP)

ACP’s have completed all the requirements of a PCP and have completed an additional year of school at an accredited college for advanced care paramedicine. Furthermore they have passed the Ontario Advanced Care Paramedic examination and are certified to work as an ACP for any EMS service in ontario. ACP scope of practice includes:

  • All PCP scope of practice
  • Cardiac pacing and cardioversion
  • Chest needle decompression
  • Intubation
  • Additional symptom relief medication administration:
    • Morphine
    • Fentanyl
    • Adenosine
    • Lidocaine
    • Amiodarone
    • Atropine
    • Midazolam
    • Ketamine
    • Calcium gluconate
    • Sodium Bicarbonate



In addition to paramedic credentials a number of our paramedics are certified lifeguards and are available to do dual coverage for events that require this resource as well. Skills in addition to paramedic scope of practice include:

  • Water rescue and extrication
  • Water safety precautions

We will work with you to develop an appropriate medical response plan based on the needs and resources of your event. This includes elements such as the location of the first aid station, EMS pick-up locations, medic deployment and positioning, transport within the event, communication etc. Our non-transport services will enable you to respond effectively to emergency situations when it happens. You will be able to respond immediately with the full capabilities of a medic service for a fraction of the cost. When it comes to patient transportation our teams will be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with local EMS and other resources to get the patient where they need to be, giving you the peace of mind in a stressful situation.  canaPHEM medics can be equipped with:

  • Airway and Oxygen kit
  • Trauma kit
  • Full diagnostic cardiac monitoring
  • Extrication devices
  • IV equipment
  • Intubation equipment
  • Symptom relief

1. Pre-Arrival camper health form review
2. Establishing health needs during camper arrival time
3. Overall health and well-being of campers and staff
4. Medication administration
5. Illness and injury management
6. Overnight on-call hours
7. Activate urgent care or higher level of care if needed
8. Communication with parents
9. Health care documentation


  • Provide medical, trauma and first aid care to injured and ill staff
  • Maintain records of accidents, illness and injuries
  • Ensure privacy for patients and confidentiality of personal information and medical records
  • Participate in emergency drills and scenarios for emergency medical team
  • Supervise the inventory checklist, ordering, receiving and stocking of medical equipment, supplies, and medications of the first aid station
  • Submit patient care reports to the company
  • Complete forms, documentation and reports as required by the relevant workers’ compensation board and conduct any required follow-up
  • Maintain a daily log of activities and patient care