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Workplace Audits and Inspections

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workplace audits and inspections

Workplace Audits & Inspections

Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, or yearly compliance checks to see if your company is up to par with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Employment Standards Act, & Workplace Safety Insurance Act’s rules and regulations, whilst following industry standards.

Inspections are on-site thorough walkthroughs of a facility by a health and safety specialist. Following the inspection, a detailed report is provided documenting hazards, whether or not the company is compliant, and the recommendations.

Regular inspections are an integral part of the occupational health and safety management system of your company. It promotes a safe and healthy workplace for all of your employees.

canaPHEM can provide inspection services, as well as mentoring to eventually complete in-house inspections by your own employees.

Package Overview

  • Scheduled Site Inspection(s)
  • Audit & Compliance Report
  • Coaching and Feedback to Workers and Management to Facilitate Their OWN Inspections
  • Emergency Response Plan – Evacuation and Procedures

Request a Workplace Audit and Inspection

You can also contact our Health & Safety Specialist, Hamza Hamid [email protected] , or call 905-493-7436 ext: 1113

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