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Health & Safety Consulting

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Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses. Through a critical examination of the workplace, inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective action.

Regular workplace inspections are an important part of the overall occupational health and safety program and management system, that supports all company’s health and safety committees.

Inspections are important as they allow you to:

  • identify existing and potential hazards
  • determine underlying causes of hazards
  • recommend corrective action, reduce risk, save money, save lives


  • Regular workplace/site inspections, written compliance reports with pictures and recommendations
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Organization, Facilitation and Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Training Records/Requirements
  • Review of Emergency Response Plans
  • Review of Health and Safety Polices
  • Preparation of Health and Safety Polices


  • Mock scenarios using casualty simulation to prepare team and test Emergency Response Plans
  • Tabletop training exercises to simulate an emergency situation in an informal environment