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Industrial Medic

Who We Are?

Our medics have completed a 2 year paramedic program approved by the Ministry of Education. They have also successcompleted the Ontario AEMCA examination. Our medics are competent, professional, and reliabe to handle any medical or traumatic situation that can arise on industrial and construction sites.

What Do We Do?

Our Medics come fully prepared with all medical equipment and knowledge required to handle any situation. We provide coverage for anything from construction sites to industrial buildings. We can also provide COVID-19 screening for employee which includes temperature checks and daily questionnaire. Our Medics will also assist in filling out any WSIB forms or company documents required by the employer.

Our Medics will fill out a daily log of any and all injuries to report back to company.

Industrial Medic Services

COVID-19 Screening

We will assess and screen every worker and employee to ensure everyone is coming to work in a safe environment.


On-Site Medic

Our medics come fully prepared and ready for any situation that requires medical attention.


Reports and WSIB Forms

At the end of every day/shift our medics will fill out any company or WSIB forms as well as a daily log of any injuries.