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Should you invest in an AED? Here are the facts:

  • 60,000 Canadians suffer out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest every year
  • Less than 3,000 will survive (5 – 7% survival) sudden cardiac arrest
  • First Responders rarely arrive in time averaging 8 minutes in Ontario
  • Brain death starts in 4 – 6 minutes from the time of collapse
  • Every minute without high quality CPR and rapid defibrillation equals a reduction in survival by 7 – 10%

Brands we carry include:

•The number one choice for Ontario’s paramedics and first responders

•ZOLL® AED gives both visual and audio real-time feedback helping achieve high quality CPR

•ZOLL® AED 3 can be easily switched for children by pressing a button

•Lowest cost of ownership of all AED’s

•Highest industry ratings against dust and water making it suitable for all work environments, sporting venues, school, daycares and camps.

•Universal pads for adults and children last 5 years

•Drop tested from 5 Metres

•8 year warranty

More info on AEDs

All AEDs will eventually need replacement pads (adult and paediatric) and batteries. You may also want mount your AED on the wall with a cabinet or bracket, or have a carrying case to easily transport it. To see all the AED accessories canaPHEM has to offer, click the button below.

Not all AEDs are created equally. We have provided a chart that gives a comprehensive over view of the top AEDs on the market that compares each feature. To view the AED comparison chart, click the button below.

If someone is suffering from cardiac arrest, their best chance at survival is immediate CPR paired with use of an AED. One without the other decreases their chance of survival significantly. To book CPR training for you or your team, click the button below.

Learning first aid will not only help in the workplace, it will help in every day life. The skills learned in these courses can save lives. To book first aid training for you or your team, click the button below.

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