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FN95 Mask Fitter

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A Mask Fitter is the solution the world's N95 shortage.

The Mask Fitter is a 3D printed made with medical grade material, autoclavable material and custom fit to YOUR face! This 3D printing ensures a proper seal is made when being fit tested. The Mask Fitter is placed overtop of the FN95 to convert it from a loose fitting respirator into a tight custom seal which will pass a fit test and ensure you are fully protected.

This process uses an iPhone 11 (or newer) to create a 3D image of your face, which is used to create the mask fit.

Your purchase includes two (2) mask fitters per person

NOTE: This Mask Fitter works with the KN95 and FN95 face mask

Mask Fitter 3D Image Scan Performed On-Site

We will arrange a visit to your location to perform the 3D scan. Prices are starting at $124.00 per person plus travel expenses (if required)

FN95 Mask Fitter 3D Image Scan at our Office

Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange a visit to our corporate office to preform the 3D scan of your face. Purchase a set today for only $124.00

Mask Fit Testing

N95 Mask Fit Testing

We also perform N95 mask fit testing which can be done on-site or at our office.

How does the Mask Fitter go on?

We provide training on how to properly don and doff the equipment, we talk through how to put the mask fitter on and make sure you feel comfortable with the equipment.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to properly don the mask fitter

What is the Difference Between an N95 and a FN95?

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Request an On-Site FN95 Mask Fitter Scan