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N95 Mask Fit Testing Ontario

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N95 Mask Fit Testing

Since N95’s come in all types of shapes and sizes, N95 mask fit testing is essential to ensure you are wearing the best mask for you face and have a tight seal. While there is two different types of mask fit testing we choose to conduct QUANTITATIVE mask fit testing which ensures accuracy and safety for our clients and their employees.

Things To Know For Your Mask Fit Test 

How to Prepare for your test: You must be clean shaven, no eating, smoking, vaping and caffeine 2 hours before your appointment.

How Long Does A Test Take? The test takes approximately 30 minutes for one/two masks (each appointment is booked for 30 minutes) – you are able to bring your own masks or we can test on N95 masks we have for sale at our office.  We are able to test more than two masks, however, your appointment will be booked for a 30 minute session, should you require longer than a 30 minute appointment you will be charged accordingly.

N95 masks are required for all those working with potential symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID Patients, such as dentists, long term care homes, airport staff.

An N95 fit test is required to ensure the N95 mask reduces the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles and without a mask fit test, the N95 will not be effective.

Testing Performed On-Site

We provide Quantitative mask fit testing at your location. Prices are starting at $50.40 per person plus travel expenses (if required)

Testing Performed in our Office

We provide Quantitative mask fit testing at our corporate office. Purchase a mask fit test today for only $50.40 per person for one/two masks and 30 minute session.  (If you require more than two masks to be fitted and your appointment is longer than 30 minutes you will be charged accordingly)

FN95 Mask Fitter

FN95 Mask Fitter

We supply a mask fit option that will provide a tight seal allowing the FN95/KN95 mask to pass the mask fit test

Occupational Health & Safety Act

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act it is required by law to protect the employee’s health and safety at all times and provide all of the proper equipment to allow the employee to work. This includes providing mask fit testing for any and all individuals who are required to wear an N95 respirator to work.

An employer cannot issue an N95 mask to an employee without providing mask fit testing to ensure the N95 is a proper fit for that individual.

N95 quantitative testing

Quantitative Mask Fit Testing

Quantitative testing is objective in comparison to qualitative. Quantitative fit testing measures the precise amount of air leaking from the N95 mask. Instead of the participant relying on their sense of taste and smell, the N95 mask will connect to a machine that measures the number of particles in the ambient air around them versus the number of particles that are inside of the mask.

canaPHEM uses the portacount machine to conduct quantitative testing.

qualitative N95 mask test fit

Qualitative Mask Fit Testing

Qualitative testing is extremely subjective and relies solely on the participant’s sense of taste and smell for air leakage in your respirator. The qualitative fit testing is done by placing a hood overtop of your head while wearing an N95 mask. Either a bitter or sweet chemical is then sprayed into the hood and the participant must determine if they are able to taste or smell the chemical. If the participant tastes the chemical then the N95 mask fails and the participant needs to find another N95 mask to try and fit.

Qualitative Testing

  • Subjective based testing
  • Relies on the participants sense of smell

Health and Safety Equipment & PPE Suppliers

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act it is required by law to protect the employee’s health and safety at all times and provide all of the proper equipment to allow the employee to work.
We are licensed by Health Canada, and our Medical Device Establishment License allows us to import and distribute medical grade products.
(MDEL Number: 14692)

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