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Event Medics


canaPHEM Event Medics

canaPHEM event medics are fully certified Ontario Paramedics. They have graduated from a Ministry of Education 2 year college program and have been certified by the Ministry of Health as an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA). We provide medical coverage for events such as; school and sporting events, concerts/music festivals, race tracks, etc. We cover all regions throughout Ontario. Our paramedics are fully trained and come prepared with all necessary medical equipment to treat any medical or traumatic injury. Click below to check out all of our equipment.


Prior to Event

  • Arrive prior to event to meet and coordinate with contact personnel
  • Establish health needs for participnts and audience
  • Set up equipment and be clearly visable to anyone who needs medical assistance

During Event

  • Over see health of participants, staff and audience
  • Medication administration
  • Illness and injury management
  • Ensure privacy for patients and confidentiality of personal information and medical records
  • Maintain a daily log accidents, illness and injuries

Post Event

  • Complete forms, documentation and reports as required by the relevant worker’s compensatino board and conduct and require follow-up
  • Submit patient care reports to the company

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