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canaPHEM’s Emergency First Aid Game Plan™ is a complete system designed to make your team confident, competent, and ready to respond in the event of emergency. It includes a full complement of planning, training, equipment, response actions and recovery steps for your organization. Choosing canaPHEM will help you reduce risk, save money and save lives.

Our mission to to create a #lifesavingrevolution inspiring everyday people to save lives

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We are group of passionate and dedicated Firefighters and Paramedics. Join the #LifeSavingRevolution!

Who We Are

Everyday people saving lives!

As firefighters and paramedics we see the aftermath of injury and illness and have dedicated our lives to helping our community in their time of need.  We see people die needlessly everyday.  We see the devastation when someone suffers a serious medical emergency.  If only everyday people took action and knew what to do.  Maybe the outcomes would be different.

Our inspiration comes from our experience in the trenches and our deeply rooted desire to help our community when needed.  But we know that we cannot do it alone.  That’s why our team of firefighters and paramedics started canaPHEM and the lifesaving revolution. The lifesaving revolution gives everyday people the knowledge, skills and equipment to save someone’s life, reduce suffering and promote recovery.  It is a revolution that puts the village back in the community.  A revolution that makes a difference.

Our Mission is to create a life-saving revolution.

Our Vision is to Inspire communities to create teams that are confident, competent and ready to respond.

Our Clients are everyday people that share our desire to save lives.

Our Core Values at Work

Authentic – We are honest, experienced, genuine people who care.

Collaborate – We listen, work with, and respond to the life-saving needs of the community.

Excellence – We strive every day to learn.

Inclusive – We bring people together to save lives.

Partnership – We believe that our colleagues, clients and students are our partners.

Professional – We are accountable in everything we do and conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.

Respect – We believe that respect is earned and we will earn respect by adhering to our core values.


Rob Ichelson – Chief Learning Officer / Director

Robbie I. Ichelson is a passionate advanced care paramedic with a focus on advocacy, lifelong learning, research and education. With 25 years providing front line prehospital care and mentorship he has evolved to become a leader in patient advocacy, prehospital research and education. His research interests include prehospital identification and management of sepsis, knowledge translation in paramedicine, and the utility of case based learning, problem based learning and personal practical knowledge in initial and ongoing First Aid and Paramedic education as well as community and professional responder preparedness.

Robbie is a graduate of the Ambulance and Emergency Care program at Humber College, the Advanced Care Paramedic Program from Centennial College and holds a Bachelor of Allied Health Science Honours Program from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology. During his career Robbie has practiced clinical paramedicine in urban, suburban, and rural environments giving him a unique understanding of the challenges faced by prehospital providers across many spectrums.

A sought after educator, Robbie has delivered educational opportunities to all levels of prehospital responders both formally and informally. He has provided community educational opportunities, mentored paramedic students, provided continuing medical education programs and coached many high functioning teams. As a survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), an Operational Stress Injury (OSI) from working as a paramedic Robbie has been profiled in a number of local, regional and national documentaries highlighting the realities these injuries have on first responders. In an effort to help advocate, educate, and prevent PTSI and OSI in our first responders Robbie has spoken about his experiences to many groups including college students, families, peers, and professional organizations.

Robbie sits on the Healthcare Committee of the Ontario Camp Association and is the founder of The Canadian Academy of Prehospital and Emergency Medicine Inc.

Rob can be reached at rob@canaphem.ca for any questions or inquiries you may have.

Jennifer Shallow – Chief Idea Ambassador / Office Manager

Jen oversees the canaPHEM office and brings over 10 years of management experience. She is creative which provides a unique perspective on finding ways to improve processes and maximize efficiencies. Jen is passionate about helping people. In her spare time, you can find Jen at the soccer fields, in the hockey rinks and taking photographs.

Jen can be reached at admin@canaphem.ca.

Hayden Briltz – Lifesaving Ambassador / Marketing Specialist

Hayden is a Durham College graduate from the Marketing and Advertising Communications program. He oversees the marketing for canaPHEM, which also includes website maintenance, search engine optimization, social media and more.

Hayden can be reached at hayden@canaphem.ca

Dr. Michael McDonnell – Medical Director

Dr. McDonnell brings over 20 years’ experience in Emergency Medicine.  After obtaining his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Ottawa Mike went on to complete his post graduate residency in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Ontario.  Mike specializes in Emergency Medicine and currently practices in Kingston where he holds the position of Assistant Program Director and Assistant Professor through Queens University.  Previously Mike was an Emergency Physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto as well as a Transport Physician with Ornge.  In his position as Medical Director Dr. McDonnell is responsible for the medical direction of the paramedics practicing with canaPHEM and the overall educational programing provided by canaPHEM.

Paul Robinson – Instructor / Manager of Paramedic Events

Advanced Care Paramedic with 35 years of experience with Toronto and Durham Region Emergency Medical Services, 11 years as a Clinical Research Paramedic,  Critical Care Flight Paramedic,  Paramedic educator in the college system for 15 years. Was selected to Torontos Emergency Medical Service first ACP program in 1984. Brings a wealth of educational experience to canaPHEM. Speciality is writing Emergency Respond Plans, Policy and Procedures, and Health and Safety Policy, for a wide variety of groups and businesses. 
Recipient of the Governor General Award for Exemplary Service.

Paul can be reached at paul@canaphem.ca

Lucas Beare – Lifesaving Ambassador / Instructor

Lucas is a Primary Care Paramedic with 3 years of experience in the paramedic field. He also has a university and military background which contributes to his devotion to continually pursue education, skills and knowledge that enable him to provide a helping hand to those in need and the communities served by canaPHEM.


Ken Jansen – Lifesaving Educator / Instructor

Ken is a Paramedic and Firefighter with over 20 years of experience. He is passionate about public education and saving lives.

Ken can be reached at ken@canaphem.ca

Brandon Bourque – Life Saving Ambassador / Instructor

Brandon is a Primary Care Paramedic. He is excited to join the life saving revolution.

Laura Ellis – Life Saving Ambassador / Instructor

Laura is a Primary Care Paramedic. She is excited to join the life saving revolution.

Andrew Butt – Life Saving Ambassador / Instructor

Andrew is excited to join the life saving revolution.

Isaac Ferreira – Life Saving Ambassador / Instructor

Isaac is excited to join the life saving revolution.

Irene McLaren – Lifesaving Educator / Instructor

Irene is a PCP Paramedic and a firefighter with Quinte West. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the public and helping other be prepared in case they find themselves in and emergency situation.


Daniel Wilson – Lifesaving Educator / Instructor

Daniel is a seasoned First Aid Instructor with 17 years of experience. He is also a flight paramedic based in thunder Bay, covering the province and beyond. Daniel fully supports canaPHEM and its core values in the life saving revolution.

Connor Jenkins – Lifesaving Ambassador / Sales

Connor is a Lifesaving Ambassador with 6 years of First Aid and Lifesaving Instructing experience. He is attending school at Wilfrid Laurier University for his undergraduate degree. While at school, Connor is a Lifeguard Supervisor for Laurier and an Executive on Laurier’s Emergency Response Team. Following an event, in which Connor had to perform cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use an automated external defibrillator (AED), It has become Connor’s mission to educate and engage community members across the GTA regarding the importance and benefits of workplace first aid and the use of AED’s.

Connor can be reached at sales@canaphem.ca

Corette Miller – New Initiatives HR

Corette brings over 15 years’ experience as a human resources professional to corporations throughout North America. Her clients include private-public sector, from manufacturing, hospitality, industrial, technology, health-care technology to various corporate environments. new initiatives helps clients learn about and deal with Ministry of Labour issues, employee retention, performance issues and other HR challenges that can cause fines and penalties or damage their reputations. They also build proactive HR strategies to develop teams and increase business productivity and success.

A big part of Corette’s role is educating employers and business-owners. Client needs range from basic to advanced, from beginner overviews to issue-focused. Clients have valued Corette’s fresh, plain- language presentations and her practical, straight-talking approach to HR. In her spare time Corette is active in the Durham South West Big Brother & Sisters Association. Corette has appeared as a guest on the Rogers TV show “User’s Guide to Small Business”

Corette can be reached at cmiller@newinitiativeshr.com

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