Are you considering an on-site medic for your next project or event? The same medic who responds to emergency 911 calls and provides life-saving procedures to victims before they arrive at a hospital and are seen by nurses or doctors. Contact us for an On-Site medic EMS Event.

At canaPHEM we offer:

  • Public Events: Sporting Events, Festivals, Race Tracks, Concerts, Holiday Celebrations, etc
  • Entertainment: Film, Television, Broadcast, Movies, Music Videos
  • Commercial: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing
  • Camps: Day Camps, Overnight, Summer, Winter, Special Needs

Our Event medics provide more than “first aid”. They are licensed to use a wide range of medications and procedures in the field and are trained to manage a wide series of medical scenarios. From Basic First Aid Training, Rapid COVID Antigen Testing, Onsite Camp Medics, Entertainment Medics to Complex Clinical Intervention.


Primary Care Medics Enhancing Safety Amid Union Station’s Demands

In Toronto, Union Station is a bustling hub for daily commuters, and canaPHEM is on-site as dedicated medics, ready to assist should an emergency arise. In October 2023, Toronto City News and Global News brought attention to the critical issues confronting Toronto...

canaPHEM, Your Premier On-Site Event Medic for Hire in Toronto

Organizing a successful event demands meticulous planning with attendee safety as the top priority. Whether hosting a concert, festival, corporate gathering, or sports event in Toronto, having a professional on-site Event Medic solution is critical.     Why...

Tips for Hiring an Event Medic in Toronto

Hosting a successful event involves meticulous planning and attention to detail, especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of your attendees. One critical aspect often overlooked is the need for professional medical support on-site. In Toronto, hiring an...

5 Steps for Choosing Event Medic Services

When hosting a significant public event, the safety of those who attend is crucial. Choosing an event medic for hire is the first step in ensuring the health and safety of all visitors, as they can provide life-saving procedures to victims before they arrive at a...

Sporting Event Emergency Action Plan

Sporting Event Emergency Action Plan What Do the Bills and Team Canada Have in Common? During the holiday season 2023, Team Canada Junior Hockey and The Buffalo Bills played key and pivotal games. While exciting to watch and cheer both teams have one thing in common....


  • Fully authorized to practice by canaPHEM’s Medical Director
  • Successfully graduated from an Ontario accredited school of Paramedicine
  • Have over hundreds of hours of on-the-job practical training with municipal paramedic services
  • Have been certified by the Ministry of Health to practice as Primary Care Medics / Advanced Care Medics
  • Follow Provincial Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) standards
  • Fully equipped with defibrillator, medical kits, medication and supplies
  • Fully insured by WSIB, medical malpractice and error and omissions insurance
  • Are highly trusted professionals on call 24/7

To download our On-Site Medics brochure please click here.