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Instructor made a dry course, interesting and I believe I retained most key information instead of forgetting everything that I was taught.
Darren S John McLellan Contracting Inc.
Rob was an excellent instructor. He made the course interesting which made time fly by. His experience as an Advanced Paramedic provided us with realistic situations that could occur. The role playing was fun. Thanks for teaching an important course!
Jenny U Ajax Hyundai
I truly loved that Rob tailored the program to make it relevant to MY job and what I would most likely encounter, should an emergency occur.
Mervat I Durham Chiropractic Centre
Rob did an awesome job at teaching this course! His explanations were clear and concise. We all really liked how Rob created different emergency situations and then as a team we used what he taught us to handle the various emergencies. One of my co-workers, who has taken many first aid courses, said this was by far the best course ever! Excellent training and I have already told many people about it. Highly recommend canaPHEM!
Nancy B Durham Chiropractic Centre
Being the only person not in the magical field to have taken this, I feel more aware of possible issues and better prepared to help. The scenarios were great, the best kind of learning is hands on and that’s what made it great and informative.
Chris R Durham Chiropractic Centre
David is a natural when it comes to teaching. He believe that he will be an excellent role model for all of the future employees coming into his field. He shows great leadership, dedication, values, expertise and respect for what he does. Your hard work has helped the growth and success of the company be what it is today. It is a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the future as we meet our common goals.
Dean E John McLellan Contracting Inc.
Thank you. Most of my employees had very great things to say about the course and your instructor.
John M John McLellan Contracting Inc.
Very well explained. Early to understand. Great job. Thanks.
Roxanne B Authentic Montessori Academy
Our instructor was knowledgeable, personable, and encourage questions. When a question was asked he answered it thoroughly and followed up by asking us if we understood. Course was very, very well done.
Dawn M Cam-Scott International Inc.
Excellent content and instruction.
Mary S Cam-Scott International Inc.
This was my very first time taking a First Aid & CPR Training Course and I had an awesome time! Our trainer Rob was very professional and extremely knowledgeable and funny. He explained the course very well and he made sure we understood the topic before we moved forward. Rob shared a lot of his real life examples and experiences and answered all our questions with ease. He made my very first training class a memorable one! He has given me the confidence I need to save someone’s life and I am very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend this company for First Aid and CPR training to everyone!
Lynn B Best Choice Plumbing
I have taken CPR and First Aid training in the past and by far this was the best training I attended. Rob did an amazing job making the training fun and practical. We did real emergency scenarios and we all left the training feeling very confident and ready to save lives.
Lisa B Best Choice Plumbing
This was the Beat CPR First Aid course I have taken with real hands on practical experience and learning Thank you.
Melanie F
Great course! Loved the hands on approach. Learned so much. Thank you!
Nikki L Fairy Glen Daycare
It was overall an excellent course. It feels realy confident to step up and help someone who needs it. Special thanks to the trainer Rob. He’s excellent.
Ira C The Core Optimum & Performance Centre
PuroClean Durham would like to thank you and canaPHEM for our First Aid & CPR training. The First Aid scenarios were VERY real and encouraged all participants to fully engage in all aspects. Although we hope to never use the training provided by canaPHEM, PuroClean Durham feels well prepared should an emergency arise!
Todd W PuroClean
This was the best CPR course I have ever taken! Great training for all of us. Thank you Rob
Jodi M Pryde Learning Centres
The hands on approach really helps you to remember what to do in an emergency. Best CPR course I’ve taken.
Laura L Pryde Learning Centres
Dave did an amazing job and I hope he will be running the class have i have to recertified.
Ashley W Pryde Learning Centres
Dave gave us the confidence to be competent first aiders 🙂
Gail D Fairy Glen Daycare
Very clear, well presented, no nonsense approach, much appreciated background info. Concise and highly relatable instruction. Best CPR course I have taken. Had three prior courses. Militia X 1, St John’s twice. This course was superior. Would refer in a heartbeat. Thanks.
Nicholas V Arbor Memorial
I now feel 100% confident.
Cathy R Arbor Memorial
It was a great re-cert course. Instructor was great, brought equipment that I have never used before. Having a smaller group may have helped with this. I also found out new information from the instructor that I did not know. I had verified this with others and the instructor was right. So I would definitely say he was very knowledgeable.
Lana L Pryde Learning Centres
The instructor was quite knowledgeable.
Avani D Pryde Learning Centres
I learned alot from this course. I loved the hands on with the props. It made things more realistic for me.
Andrea T Pryde Learning Centres
Dave was absolutely an amazing and knowledgeable teacher for this course! Thank you so much.
Natasha L Pryde Learning Centres
Learning aids were well presented. Especially the abdominal thrust aid. Had not seen this before. It gave a better perspective of how much pressure etc was needed to execute the procedure effectively. Rather than practicing on a fellow classmate as previous classes attended.
Valerie S Pryde Learning Centres
We had the pleasure to work with canaPHEM to train our staff & I would only work with Rob & his team. It was great experience & to learn from actual EMS Paramedics rather than just from a textbook brings the training to the next level. Rob geared the training to focus on the particular elements that would align with the few businesses that trained at our store. By doing this it truly outlines the passion that Rob, Michelle & the canaPHEM team have.
James L The Spa Shoppe
Great course! Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Gayle P Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Feeling very confident if I need to use what I learnt.
Brent H Royal Ashburn Golf Club
On behalf of Royal Ashburn Golf Club, I’d like to personally thank Rob Ichelson and CanaPHEM for our first aid & CPR Training. Rob was very accommodating and allowed us to take the two day course over four half days so it wouldn’t be so disruptive to our regular work duties. We covered many different First Aid scenarios and upon completion of the course we all left feeling comfortable, confident and prepared should an emergency situation arise. I would encourage everyone to make the investment in First Aid Training. There is nothing more valuable than being able to help a guest or co-worker in an emergency.
Scott P Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Thanks for a great job.
Brian B Acura Pickering
Rob is an amazing trainer — valued hearing about his personal experiences – made the course a lot more interesting.
Leandra H Team 12 Training
Rob was great teacher .we all learned a lot and had fun too.thank you Rob
Joyce G Merry Maids of Durham
The course was intense but fun too. Please don’t change anything.
Lisa B Merry Maids
I really enjoyed the course. Rob did a great job keeping us all engaged.
Donna G Merry Maids
Rob was a wonderful instructor and I was so privileged to be in his class.
Kate-Lynne C Merry Maids
I talked about what I learned for hours when I got home. I am now confident to use what I’ve learned to save someone’s life.
Lisa W Merry Maids
Today’s class was really awesome, and the experienced which one instructor had in his past, that will really mean to me in my further life, especially how to wake up 6 month child when he or she has cardiac arrest and the example of macdonald was out of speech.
Dhruv P Durham College Student
Really enjoyed the course!! Would definitely use this company again, I learnt a lot!! Thanks!
Shannon M Durham College Student
Last night I had to put my training to the test. A 17 boy was riding his bike with a friend and his friend went to slow down and they bumped tires and this boy went flying and had some road rash on his knees, and shoulders as well as a huge cut on the palm of his hand. I grabbed my kit and gloves and was able to help him until the ambulance came. Funny that this was the first scenario we went through in training. Great work Rob because of your guidance I was able to stay calm and help!
Natalie H The Mortgage Centre
I’ve taken this course before and have never been as intrigued as I was this time! The personal stories he told were very helpful and made learning the content just that much easier.
Brittany O Durham College Student
We had an AMAZING instructor. I feel so much more confident in my training now. He kept it very hands on so that I knew how it would feel and I wasn’t just watching videos which I really enjoyed. I wasn’t bored and I feel like it was much easier to absorb the information we were being given! Highly recommend this company and will definitely do my re-certification with them.
Michaela M Durham College Student
Rob did a fantastic job! He demonstrated and explained everything so clearly and straight to the point. I am 100% more confident then I ever was before.
Samantha S Durham College Student
He was fantastic I would go to him again in the future.
Rachel U Durham College Student
No concerns, we were giving lots of opportunity to ask questions and participate in scenarios.
Susan J Muslim Welfare Centre
great course! thank you.
Emillano S Landmark Cinemas Whitby
Very well done!
Kirsten I Cheer Strong
Amazing time. As a person who learns by doing, the real life scenarios really helped me retain the information. I would recommend this to anyone who needs first aid training. You can tell he truly has a passion for what he does. I now have the confidence knowing I can make a difference.
Terri W Cheer Strong
Competent, confident, and ready to respond! I enjoyed the course immensely and it was the most immersive and memorable first aid courses I’ve taken. I learned a lot through the experience. Although I did mention the course was a little slow, it was because we asked too many questions and Rob gave us very thorough answers. I definitely appreciated that and I don’t think it should detract from the experience. Thanks again!
Frederick L Nulogy
I was expecting the typical, dry training- sitting at a desk for two days straight. This training was the complete opposite of my expectation! The class was very conversational and hands-on which made it a more effective vehicle for learning. The content was presented in a way that ensured we got the most relevant/ current information making my team comfortable when dealing with various situations. My favourite elements were the scenarios incorporated throughout the two days. Being “interrupted” in the middle of class to tend to an injured colleague made things more realistic. It made me understand the many factors that have to be considered when providing first aid. If this is not a standard way of teaching this type of content – it absolutely should be! Rob was great! His relaxed personality combined with his endless stories from years of experience made this class very enjoyable. His knowledge was extremely valuable and enlightening to myself and team. His examples made me better understand circumstances that could arise and how to overcome challenges to ensure we give an injured individual the best possible chance of survival. His teaching style also ensured maximum engagement throughout the session. I had a fantastic time throughout this program and learned an incredible amount of new information/ techniques. I now feel much better prepared if the time ever comes that I need to help an injured person. My expectations were certainly exceeded. I can’t thank you enough for imparting such important knowledge that could one day help me save someones life! Many thanks!
Allan M Nulogy
Great instructor and course. I learnt a lot.
Melissa M Nulogy
I plan on booking my colleagues for this class , very informative and well presented by Robbie.
Joeseph C Bellissima
A very positive experience. Designed to ensure participants leave the course confident that they will be able to successfully administer first aid.
Lynn H Bowmanville Zoo
Very well done! I would have liked a bit more time for some of the other first aid issues such as cuts and burns, but we did have a unique scenario for seizures!
Kim B Creative Buzz
Rob was very flexible in making arrangements for my group to take the course together. By tailoring the scenarios to our work environment, he built our competence and confidence to respond to emergency situations quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.
Tim H Bowmanville Zoo
I thought Rob was extremely knowledgable and explained everything very clearly. I would definitely recommend the course & take the course again to stay up to date on my certification.
Bridgette C
Rob was an excellent instructor. His ability to draw from his own experience as a paramedic really adds to the course. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family. It was worth the money. Thank you!
Rebecca S
Everything was amazing. I walked out of the class extremely satisfied. Way better than I expected and learned more than I expected. 🙂
Bailey J
love that it truly was hands-on and interactive instead of just talking. Rob really kept it light-hearted which was great as this topic isn’t such a great one!
Heather W Mommy Connections
This is an excellent course, practical and inspiring at the same time. Many many thanks!
Vivian Y David Schaffer Engineering
It was a wonderful course.
Tracy T David Schaffer Engineering
The content alone could have been covered in less time, but without Rob’s personal stories, I think the course would have been very lacking. The mix of both the content, personal stories, and the various scenarios created a very useful and memorable course.
Kyle A David Schaffer Engineering
An excellent course.
Sasha S David Schaffer Engineering
All questions were covered, overall great course.
Jason R David Schaffer Engineering
Keep up the great work!
Brandon D David Schaffer Engineering
Simple and informative
Andrew M David Schaffer Engineering
Course was great. Went from knowing nothing about the topic to feeling that I would be able to help out if there was an emergency. Thanks!
Kristie A Spark Centre
I had a great experience at the course. Having never taken another CPR course, I don’t have anything to compare it to. However, hearing from my friends about courses they have taken, I think canaPHEM provides a much different and more lively course. The personal experience of Rob was really interesting to hear about. Thanks!!
Melissa M Bryson Insurance
The course was a lot more fun than any other CPR course I have taken.
Donna W
Rob is incredibly passionate about being prepared to help in an emergency situation and his message was received positively by all. Being taught by someone who has first-hand experience was inspiring and made me feel it is my responsibility should I ever find myself in such a situation, to step and help with all I learned. Time well spent!
Kathleen P Bryson Insurance
Great experience… Rob made the material relevant.
Guida L Bryson Insurance
Adding the real stories, just makes you realize how bad things can get out there and what we may have to deal with someday. (hopefully not). I will be prepared if I do.
Mary Lou C Fairy Glen Daycare
Excellent course especially enjoyed the real life scenarios!
Nicole S Fairy Glen Daycare
Best course ever taken. Kept us involved & interested.
Lisa S Fairy Glen Daycare
I took this course with my co-workers over a weekend and thought it was awesome. Rob was patient, thorough, didn’t “candy coat” anything and made everything so simple to understand. The scenarios were realistic and relevant to our everyday lives. His partner was also wonderful. She assisted through scenarios and taught lessons which were easy to understand. Thank you Rob and Sara for a great course.
Stacey Y Fairy Glen Daycare
Spent my weekend getting badly burned, stabbed, bandaging head wounds and delivering Oscar quality blood curdling screams. And learning some seriously real life saving manoeuvres. I’m exhausted and sore from practicing chest compressions and kneeling over my coworkers and I’m bummed I didn’t get my Sunday meal prep done… But I’m certified and way more confident in my First Aid and CPR abilities. #canaphem #firstaid #30&2×5 #cpr #compressionssavelives
Brooke N Fairy Glen Daycare
Great job.
Dr. Patrick G The Core Optimum & Performance Centre
Very educational, fun and interesting.
Alex N The Core Optimum & Performance Centre
I very much enjoyed myself and the hands on experience was amazing!!
Lyette T Fairy Glen Daycare
Very real, current and repeatable!
Michelle P PFSL Investments
I actually quite enjoyed this course….it was fun ?? In the future when I re-new I will definitely like to go through rob again??
Sandra M Mother’s Helpers
The hands on work was a good learning experience. I feel more confident now than I have ever felt before, thanks again.
Irma L Schoolhouse Playcare
Great course, great instructor! Was informative and I lerned a new life skill. I am glad this opportunity presented itself . I strongly recommend this to everyone!!!
Mike T
This workshop was full of hands on training. The theory provided was very easy to follow and understand. I feel so mcheck more confident in the skills that I have learned today. Highly recommend!!
Jennifer M
Absolutely amazing!! I have always been a bit hesitant to get my certification because of the length of the course. But Canaphem’s approach is unique and like nothing I’ve seen before. My children played while I learned. The information was to the point and easy to understand! No dry material or wasted time! Thank you again, I’m so excited to finally be certified in CPR.
Ashley O Mother’s Helpers
I took this amazing course just last week. It only took about 25 minutes to finish the course. I learned how to perform CPR on adults, children and infants. I also learned how to perform what use to be referred to as the Heimlich Maneuver. My instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and has so much experience in this field that they were able to answer every question I had. I recommend this course for everyone! They teach you all of the most important things you would need that could save lives!
Peter P Monkey Business