Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the First Aid & CPR training requirements for a workplace?
If your workplace is covered by WSIB then regulation 1101 outlines the specific requirements for first aid in the workplace. Federal workplaces have the first aid requirements outlined in the Federal Occupational Health & Safety Act.  Generally speaking, if you have 5 or less employees you must have one person on site at all times per location trained and certified in Emergency First Aid & CPR.  If you have 6 or more employees, you must have someone onsite at all times per location that are trained and certified in Standard First Aid & CPR.  We recommend that you train between 10 – 20% of your staff in First Aid and all of your staff in CPR.
Are your courses accredited?
Our first aid programs are provided in partnership with The Canadian Red Cross and/or HeartZap and are accredited by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Human Resources Canada, The Ontario Early Years and Childcare Act, and many professional colleges. All our CPR programs meet the new Canadian edition of the 2015 AHA Guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care.
Can I buy a defibrillator or First Aid kit from you?
Yes, we offer a complete line of First Aid kits and Emergency equipment including Zoll defibrillators.
What do the different CPR levels mean?
HeartSaver A:  Adult only CPR

HeartSaver B:  Adult and child or infant CPR

HeartSaver C:  Adult, Child and Infant

Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider

There are 4 levels of CPR that people can take.  Since we believe that first aiders should be prepared for any emergency canaPHEM only offers HeartSaver Level C and Basic Life Support for the Healthcare provider.

Do I have to take the courses as full days or do you have alternate options?
We have flexible scheduling options.  As long as sessions are at least 4 hours in duration we will work with you to create a schedule that suits your needs.
Do you Provide Onsite Training?
Although we occasionally offer public courses our specialty is onsite programs.  We believe that training needs to be realistic to adequately prepare you and your team to respond and this can only be done onsite.   Additional travel charges for partners outside of the GTA.  
I am applying to school and need First Aid and/or CPR. Which course should I take?
Each program will have different requirements.  We suggest that you speak to the program coordinator for specific training requirements.  Most educational programs require certification in Standard First Aid and HeartSaver CPR Level C.
I require First Aid and CPR training in my job, how often do I have to renew my certification?
Whether you take the CPR as a standalone course or as part of the First Aid course you must re-certify the CPR every year. First Aid certificates are good for 3 years from the date of issue.
Is your training recognized by my employer or school?
Absolutely.  We are an authorized training partner with The Canadian Red Cross and HeartZap and provide their WSIB accredited first aid programs to our clients.  We are also a training partner with The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and offer their CPR programs.  Let us know if you specifically need this certificate.
Do you have minimum or maximum in class sizes?
You may have as many as 18 or as few as 4 in a class however we charge a standard course fee for our programs.
Are there age restrictions for the courses you offer?
We only charge for participants 12 years and older.  If your child is younger than 12 they may participate (and even get certified) at no charge provided that there is space in the course, the instructor authorizes participation and the child is physically able to demonstrate the skills to the instructor.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
Our cancellation policy is published in our terms of service which can be found on our website.  Please refer to that document for the most current and up to date policy.  Generally speaking, there are no cancellations for our CPR & First Aid training programs.  Depending on the circumstance we may permit you to take another course on an alternate date.
Do you ever cancel courses?
We do everything in our power to not cancel or postpone courses.  In the rare circumstance where a course is cancelled we will notify participants as soon as possible by email.  Participants will be permitted to either reschedule for another course or get a full refund.
Why are you so different?
Our programs are radically different from anything else out there.  We use case and problem based educational principals to bring you realistic, authentic and relevant training.  Our instructors are paramedics who understand emergency medical care and have years of clinical practice meaning the concepts they are teaching are not just concepts to them.

We make extensive use of casualty simulation and scenarios that incorporate theatrical props like fake blood and wounds to make the first aid training come alive.  As prehospital clinicians most of our instructors have been involved in the very research that sets the standards of care.

How do I Become a First Aid or CPR Instructor with canaPHEM?
We believe that quality prehospital education including first aid and CPR is provided by experienced paramedics.  To become an instructor with canaPHEM you must be a graduate of a post secondary program in paramedicine and successfully challenged either the EMCA or A-EMCA exam (A-EMCA Pending candidates are encouraged to apply).  Additional experience as a paramedic is preferred as is training in adult education.  Candidates will be required to attend and successfully pass an instructor development course to be certified to teach our programs. 
Will your organization partner with us?
Absolutely.  Please give us a call or email us so that we can explore the opportunity with you.
How long have you been around?
canaPHEM started in October of 2015 and continues to grow every day.  Although we are a young organization First Aid and emergency medical programs are our specialty. 
Do you offer online programs?

The Canadian Red Cross courses that we provide are available in traditional classroom settings or in a blended format. The blended option allows participants to take part of the course online and part of it in the classroom. See our current list of online courses