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Health and Safety Equipment & PPE Suppliers

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act it is required by law to protect the employee’s health and safety at all times and provide all of the proper equipment to allow the employee to work.
We are Health Canada approved, our Medical Device Establishment License allows us to import and distribute medical grade products.
(MDEL Number: 14692)

Online Store

We have a online store filled with products for all your health and safety needs.

facemask n95 ppe eyewash


Automatic External Defibrillator

facemask n95 ppe eyewash

Mask Fitter

For use with CN95, KN95 and FN95

facemask n95 ppe eyewash


Personal Protective Eqiupment

Valuable Training

CPR Training

If someone is suffering from cardiac arrest, their best chance at survival is immediate CPR paired with use of an AED. One without the other decreases their chance of survival significantly.

First Aid Training

Learning first aid will not only help in the workplace, it will help in every day life. The skills learned in these courses can save lives.