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What if you had a heart attack at work

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you call 9-1-1 for help?  How long does it take for emergency services to respond?

Imagine you are at work when suddenly you grab your as you are stricken with crushing chest pain.  Your skin turns an ominous greyish greenish bad colour and you are sweating profusely.  As you are struggling to breath the nausea sets in.  You panic as you know that this is bad.  You yell for help and a colleague comes in.  9-1-1 is called and you wait, hope and pray that this is not the end.

Who do you call for help?  What is the plan if there is one at your work?  Would your colleagues know what to do and have the appropriate equipment to help you?  Is this happening?  Are you going to die?

Most workplaces have a first aid kit, somewhere.  Some have someone trained in first aid but most don’t.  Seldom is there a defibrillator on site and often when there is they are not maintained.  Rarely does the organization have a Emergency First Aid Game Plan.

The time to create a plan is before the emergency ever happens.  It is the best insurance you can have for your staff and customers.  The return on your investment is huge as it may give someone the gift of tomorrow.

So, what is an Emergency First Aid Game Plan?

It is a comprehensive emergency medical response plan for your organization.  It outlines the organizations risk of medical emergency and develop a protocol of steps to follow when it happens.  It identifies who and how many people need training and the level of training needed.  It determines the availability and location of first aid equipment including defibrillators.  It defines the process for dealing with, responding to and managing an onsite medical emergency.  It is complex, reliable, practiced and tested but simple to implement and activate.  It is a game changer.

Now imagine you have an Emergency First Aid Game Plan.  You suddenly have the symptoms above and you know what to do.

You call reception using the company emergency extension, 5555.  The receptionist immediately stops what he is doing and answers your emergency call.  He announces a code blue over the intercom while sending a group text to the first aid team followed by a call to 9-1-1.  The team responds to you and provides reassuring, compassionate and important First Aid before help arrives.  They cover you with a blanket, document the incident on a first aid report, has a defibrillator standing by and helps you take Aspirin.