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Which Mask is Best? Cloth vs. Surgical

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The fight against Covid-19 isn’t over just yet. Over the past few weeks, we have seen mask mandates lifted in the United States and other countries. With vaccination rates increasing, many people believe that masks are not needed and that receiving your vaccination means you can’t be infected. This is not true!

On July 27, the CDC advised ALL Americans, including the half or fully vaccinated, to mask up indoors and in public places once again. This mandate and erring on caution are fueled by the Delta Variant, which is now the most prominent Covid-19 strain and is 50% more transmissible than others.

At the beginning of July we wrote an article titled: “New Information On Covid-19 Delta Variant” and predicted that mask mandates would return for everyone, not just the unvaccinated. The time has now come.

What You Can Do

Simply put, you need to be wearing the correct masks to protect yourself and others. We aren’t talking about upgrading to N95 respirators or full-fledged face shields, but simple, surgical face masks. Cloth masks aren’t as protective as you believe they are. Although they may be convenient and reusable, they do not protect you as much as medical/surgical masks. Although they may not be as convenient and create waste, they keep us protected.

If you are wearing a cloth mask, the CDC recommends it should be multiple layers of a tightly woven fabric, with a nose bridge to ensure a tight fit, and should block up-close light. So for all of you that have been using a homemade pillowcase or t-shirt mask, you aren’t protecting yourself as you believe.

What is most concerning about the Delta variant and mask mandates is children returning to school in the fall. Cloth masks have been of great use for parents and guardians preparing their little ones for the classroom, but the fact of the matter is that their convenience comes at a price. It is not a coincidence that Covid cases rise when kids return to school. And it is not a coincidence that the majority of them are wearing cloth masks. Kids need proper surgical masks.

Covid-19 Testing

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