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Why You Need Event Medic Services

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Event Medic Services

Event Medics attend a wide range of events and are on hand to provide various levels of medical attention to members of the public, participants, and staff of events. Providing a much higher level of care than just simple first aid.

Event Medics are prepared and authorized by a Medical Director and trained to manage many medical scenarios. They often contain many medical conditions on-site, reducing the number of people who must be transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Their role also helps provide a sense of comfort to event attendees and staff just by knowing; that, if necessary, there are qualified professionals on-hand to administer medical care and save lives.

Why Hire a canaPHEM Medic For Your Event and What Is the canaPHEM Difference?

You might wonder “How” is canaPHEM different from other Event Medic companies? Well, that’s simple, ALL canaPHEM Medics are Certified Licensed Ontario Primary and Advanced Care Medics. Our staff is the same people that greet you at a call if you were to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Our Medics are fully authorized to practice by canaPHEM’s Medical Director and have successfully graduated from a Canadian School of Paramedicine. Our Medics are fully insured by WSIB, have medical malpractice, and errors & omissions insurance. canaPHEM Medics also come to every event fully equipped with a defibrillator and cardiac monitor, medical kits, and can administer emergency meds intravenously if required.

For more information on our Event Medic Services and how canaPHEM can assist with your event please get in touch with us at 905.493.7436 or visit canaphem.ca