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In need of a Paramedic for your corporate or personal events?

Have you considered a Paramedic? The same Paramedic who responds to emergency 911 calls and provides life-saving procedures to victims before they arrive at a hospital and are seen by nurses or doctors. Contact us for an On-Site Paramedic EMS Event.

At canaPHEM we offer:

  • Public Events: Sporting Events, Festivals, Race Tracks, Concerts, Holiday Celebrations, etc
  • Entertainment: Film, Television, Broadcast, Movies, Music Videos
  • Commercial: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing
  • Camps: Day Camps, Overnight, Summer, Winter, Special Needs

Our Event Paramedics provide more than “first aid”. They are licensed to use a wide range of medications and procedures in the field and are trained to manage a wide series of medical scenarios. From Basic First Aid Training, Rapid COVID Antigen Testing, Onsite Camp Medics, Entertainment Medics to Complex Clinical Interventions.

We are available for you 24/7 should you require our Medical Services Staff.

Benefits of hiring a canaPHEM Paramedic:

  • Medics are fully authorized to practice by canaPHEM’s Medical Director
  • All Medics are qualified Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics
  • Have successfully graduated from an Ontario accredited school of Paramedicine
  • Follow Provincial Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) standards
  • Fully equipped with defibrillator, medical kits and supplies
  • Fully insured by WSIB, medical malpractice and error and omissions insurance
  • Highly trusted professionals on call 24/7

To download our On Site Medics brochure please click here. 


Where We Operate

Public Events Medics
Entertainment Medics
Commerical Medics
Camp Medics

Why canaPHEM Medics



canaPHEM event medics are fully certified Ontario Paramedics. They have also sucessfully graduated from a Ministry of Education 2 year college program and have been certified by the Ministry of Health as an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA). They have also successfully completed the Ontario AEMCA examination.

Our Medics follow Provincial Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Standards and practice under the direction of our Medical Director.

Our medics are competent, professional, and ready to handle any medical or traumatic situation that occurs. We will also complete your incident reports, WSIB forms and coordinate all medical needs.


We come fully prepared including all the required medical equipment to support you while on site.

canaPHEM Medics
1. Are canaPHEM Medics Volunteers or First Aid Responders?
No, all of canaPHEM’s Medics are qualified Primary and Advanced Care Medics that have successfully graduated from an Ontario accredited School of Paramedicine.
2. Do canaPHEM Medics have any Insurance?
Yes, all canaPHEM Medics are covered by WSIB and have errors and omissions coverage.
3. Do canaPHEM Medics carry any equipment and supplies?
Yes, all canaPHEM Medics carry at all times, for any event a heart monitor, defibrillator, medical kits and supplies.
4. Can canaPHEM Medics administer medication?
Yes, canaPHEM Medics carry many different types of medication as well as administer them intravenously.
5. Do canaPHEM Medics receive criminal background checks?
Yes, all canaPHEM Medics must have a background check in order to be employed.
6. Can canaPHEM transport patients from an event to a hospital if need be?
No, canaPHEM cannot transport patients from an event to a hospital. If an incident occurs where a person needs to be sent to the hospital, 911 will be called so an an ambulance “in service” can come. If canaPHEM were to leave your event to transport a patient, your event would be left unattended for other emergencies

canaPHEM On-Site

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